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Handling your Orange County Family Law Case Remotely

Posted on: January 12, 2022 by in Divorce, News
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Like most of the world, with the ongoing rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Orange County Family Law Courts have had to adjust. The County’s court system is constantly updating their website to keep the public apprised of current applicable procedure. While this is helpful, the issue as a whole may be confusing – both from a technological perspective and a legal one.

From a technological perspective, not everyone is well adept at navigating the internet. For those who do not know how, or are not familiar with applications like Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and the like, the stress of enduring a family law case is only multiplied by the anxiety of having to do so remotely. Using these platforms can be confusing and, depending on where people are located, they can also experience glitches with internet or other technical difficulties – obviously, this only adds to the stress of an already difficult time.

From a legal perspective, working through a case remotely can present confidentiality issues. In some cases, people may not feel comfortable with a remote hearing if they live with others and/or do not have a safe/private place to speak freely to the judge. Similarly, attorney communications – if overheard by third parties – may no longer be subject to applicable privilege; and, thereby, may hinder the professional relationship between attorneys and their clients.

Knowing these concerns, it is important for parties to be aware of what pursuing a family law case in Orange County during an ongoing pandemic may look like.

Each department withint he Orange County Family Court has different rules. While some courtrooms are handling cases in person, many others may still remain only remote. It is especially important for parties going through a remote case to constantly check the Orange County Family Court’s website as courtroom instructions are constantly changing.

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This article was prepared by Orange County Family Law Attorney Marissa A. Rodriguez of Bayati Law Group, P.C.Marissa A. Rodriguez