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Orange County uncontested divorce attorneyIf you are planning to file for divorce, the options are uncontested divorce, where you and your spouse make the decisions regarding the divorce issues, or a contested divorce, where you and your spouse go to court and request that a judge settles any matters in dispute. Usually, divorcing couples disagree on plenty – that’s one of the reasons why they’re divorcing. But in California, when both spouses agree to the terms of a divorce and simply wish for the court to approve those terms, it’s an “uncontested” divorce.

Due to its relative ease and typically lower cost, uncontested divorce, sometimes called “simple” divorce, is a smart alternative for many couples who are divorcing. In the state of California, if a divorcing couple can reach an agreement regarding matters like property division, visitation, and spousal support without a court order, that couple can avoid a great deal of unnecessary aggravation and expense. The staff at Bayati Law Group can help you during this challenging time. Whether it’s a contested divorce, uncontested divorce, or other family law issue, our attorneys are here to assist you.

If you are seeking, contemplating, or anticipating a divorce in southern California, whether or not you believe the divorce will be contested, obtain the sound advice and legal representation that you’ll need by consulting – from the very beginning of the divorce process – with an experienced Orange County uncontested divorce attorney at Bayati Law Group. The experienced California divorce attorneys at Bayati Law Group routinely handles both uncontested and contested divorces.

We explain to every prospective divorce client the California divorce process, and we can help you initiate and complete an uncontested divorce to end your relationship. The divorce lawyers at Bayati Law Group cannot ensure it will be a completely “hassle-free” process, but we have abundant experience bringing uncontested California divorces to a conclusion with the least possible expense, red tape, and legal difficulty for our clients. In California, an uncontested divorce is called a “summary dissolution,” and not every divorcing couple will qualify. The requirements for an uncontested divorce under California law, listed here, are quite precise:

  • One spouse must be a California resident for at least six months and a resident of the county where the petition is filed for at least three months
  • There are no minor children and neither spouse is pregnant
  • The reason for the dissolution must be “irreconcilable differences”
  • Fewer than five years elapsed between the date of marriage and the date of separation
  • Neither spouse owns any real property apart from a lease under one year
  • Besides car notes, there are no outstanding debts over $6,000
  • The marital assets are valued below $38,000, including deferred compensation and retirement, but not including cars, and neither party owns individual assets valued above $38,000
  • A settlement agreement dividing all assets and debts must be signed by both spouses
  • Financial documents must be signed to transfer any assets and debts according to the agreement
  • Neither spouse seeks spousal support
  • Each spouse has read and understands the summary dissolution information booklet published by the state of California

Both divorcing spouses are required to complete and exchange a number of documents verifying their property, income, and expenses. You’ll quickly learn even though it’s called an “uncontested” divorce, it can still be quite complicated in California, and you’ll very much need a good divorce lawyer’s help. Bayati Law Group has considerable experience identifying, evaluating, and dividing marital property. If you are divorcing or considering filing for divorce in Orange County, or if you have concerns or questions regarding uncontested divorce in California, arrange immediately to speak with an experienced Orange County uncontested divorce attorney at Bayati Law Group. It’s always best to speak with an attorney before you file for divorce so you can get answers to your legal questions.


The first question many prospective clients ask is how much an uncontested divorce will cost, and what fees they will have to pay. Frankly, there are is no set cost of an uncontested divorce. The people who ultimately determine the final cost of a divorce are the two divorcing spouses themselves. Generally speaking, if the parties have a genuinely uncontested divorce, it’s reasonable to presume the divorce will cost less than a similar but contested divorce of marriage. However, every divorce is different, and the final cost of a divorce will depend on factors including but not limited to the nature and scope of both parties’ assets, whether children are involved, whether domestic violence is an issue, and the amount and division of community property and assets.

In southern California, if you or someone you know is seeking a dissolution or anticipating a divorce – whether contested or uncontested – an experienced California divorce lawyer at Bayati Law Group can discuss the particular circumstances of the case and can usually provide an estimate of the costs. When you work with an experienced divorce attorney at Bayati Law Group, you can be certain that your uncontested divorce will be brought to a fair, equitable, and acceptable resolution.


The attorneys at Bayati Law Group work diligently to bring every divorce proceeding to a just and satisfactory conclusion so that our clients and everyone involved can move forward meaningfully and positively into the future. While we have the legal knowledge, experience and ability to handle the most contentious of family law matters, we nevertheless always strongly encourage divorcing couples to pursue an uncontested divorce strategy. Ideally, you will be able to resolve your differences and reach agreements with the least possible acrimony, especially when young children are involved.

Courtroom-centered divorces still happen every day in California, and when issues are in dispute, a divorce trial may be the only practical alternative. For most divorcing couples, however, an uncontested divorce is probably preferable. Whether you need immediate representation from an experienced Orange County divorce attorney, or if you simply need legal advice and guidance to plan for your future, Bayati Law Group is available to review your case and offer an assessment of your situation, to explain the full range of your legal options, and to help you make the right legal decisions for yourself, your children, and your future.

It’s our policy to treat every Bayati Law Group client and prospective client with complete respect and extend every possible professional courtesy. Every client phone call and email is returned promptly. Please call today to schedule an initial consultation in our office with an experienced Orange County divorce attorney at Bayati Law Group. Our phone number is (949) 798-5700 or you can reach us by completing the form on the contact page of this website. Bayati Law Group represents clients in all matters of family law in Orange County and throughout southern California.