Champion boxer Shane Mosley is trying to collect a $6 million purse from his ostensible ex-spouse. The boxing champ is asking courts in New York to help him prove that his wife was a bigamist when she married him, which would mean she is not entitled to the $6 million she received in their divorce settlement. Mosley, 43, charges in court papers that Jin Mosley, 39, never told him when they married in 2002 that she had already tied the knot with a man named Sanjay Dwivedi. Jin Mosley’s lawyer denied the boxer’s allegations. “She was never married simultaneously to anyone while she was married to Mosley,” the attorney stated.

Mosley says he hired a private investigator who discovered that Jin C. Mosley – originally Jin C. Sheehan – had married Sanjay Dwivedi in 1995 and had divorced him in Manhattan in 2006. Mosley says that means his ex-wife was married to both men for four years. In California, if you discover that the person you’ve married is already married to someone else, you don’t have to go through an entire divorce procedure. You can have the marriage annulled. Before you decide on an annulment or a divorce, discuss your personal circumstances, your rights, and your options with an experienced Orange County divorce attorney.

Annulment ends a marriage in cases where the marriage was never actually “valid” from the beginning. Not every state offers annulment, and California courts will not grant every annulment request – but the courts will grant annulments for bigamy, if you can prove it. An experienced Orange County divorce attorney can help you decide if annulment is right in your situation. If you are considering annulment or divorce, or if you need legal advice and services regarding any other matter of family law, don’t hesitate to acquire the legal help you need. Contact an experienced Orange County divorce attorney as quickly as possible.

By: Bayati Brian

Brian A. Bayati has been named three times as a top Orange County divorce attorney by OC Metro Magazine. He graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, where he was a judicial extern to the U.S. Court of Appeals (9th Circuit) and a public service mediator. Prior to founding Bayati Law Group, he was part of a civil litigation firm with offices across the nation. Bayati Law Group focuses exclusively on the practice of family law.