Fullerton Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be a messy affair for several reasons – you and your ex-spouse may be at odds over the division of assets and liabilities, the details of child custody and support, and the amount for the alimony, for example. The best Fullerton divorce lawyer, fortunately, can expedite the process so that both parties end up with their desired arrangements, more or less.

Why Should you Call a Fullerton Lawyer for Divorce, Family Law and Child Custody Cases?

Of course, you can always represent yourself in divorce court but you will find that said route has its pitfalls even when you are an experienced lawyer yourself. Keep in mind that a level head coupled with an objective view is a must in court, which you are unlikely to possess but which Fullerton divorce attorneys possess considering their line of work.

And then there’s the fact that the paperwork necessary for the divorce proceedings to conclude can be voluminous, which will take up plenty of your time. With the best Fullerton divorce lawyer on your side, you have him and his staff to take care of the paperwork so you can focus on other things like explaining the divorce to your kids.

But don’t just hire any of the Fullerton divorce attorneys either because divorce proceedings should be entrusted only to trusted professionals. You must choose based on credentials (i.e., education, training and work experience), on track record (i.e., reputation for success in the industry), and on trust because divorce is such a personal event to undergo.

You and your Fullerton divorce lawyer will discuss the details on certain aspects including:

Child custody refers to the rights and responsibilities of each parent where making major life decisions (i.e., legal) for the children and where the children will live (i.e., physical) are concerned. Both types of custody can be granted by the judge on a sole or joint basis depending on the capabilities of the parents.

Child support refers to the monetary support granted by the judge to the children such that a parent pays the other parent for their upkeep. The financial support will then be applied to the shelter, food and clothing as well as education, health and recreation of the children.

Divorce pertains to the dissolution of the marital union that, in turn, requires the termination of most of the marital responsibilities of the parties involved.

Family law pertains to the area of the law dealing with all matters related to domestic relations including the family. Family lawyers are well-versed about the legal aspects of marriage, domestic partnerships, and civil unions; adoption and surrogacy; and divorce, among others.

If you are looking for the best Fullerton divorce lawyer to handle your own separation, be sure to call the Bayati Law Group at (949) 798-5700. You are assured of the best services and support as you go through the painful process of divorce.