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Welcome to bayatilaw.com and Bayati Law Group.  If you or someone you know is involved in a family law legal dispute, we know there are numerous issues that may cause concern.  Maybe you are wondering if you need an attorney to handle your divorce or custody matter?  Are you concerned about how to select a family law attorney?  Maybe another concern is the cost of a divorce or custody dispute?  Do you find yourself asking how much will my divorce cost me or how long will it take for me to get divorced?

At Bayati Law Group, our entire practice is dedicated to the legal practice of family law in Orange County – we’ve been recognized as top Orange County divorce attorneys.  We know that our prospective clients may be going through challenging times and we can help.  Whatever your legal concern may be, we have the expertise and legal knowledge to help you.  At Bayati Law Group, we only practice family law in Orange County.  Our exclusive practice allows us the most up-to-date legal knowledge about California family law.  The exclusive nature of our practice also allows us to provide our clients with the expertise they need to successfully handle their family law issues and move forward to more pleasant chapters of their lives.

We understand that family legal issues involve life altering decision; and, therefore, believe one of the most important steps of the process is making sure you find the right family law attorney to represent you. At Bayati Law Group, we are committed to helping our clients and their families move forward as effectively, and quickly as possible.

Whether you need immediate legal advice, or simply wish to gain a head start to plan for your future, our legal team is dedicated to serving the legal needs of our clients. You’ll find on this site an introduction to our firm and our legal team.  You can also read about professional affiliations, our accolades and our recognition as top Orange County divorce attorneys.  Additionally, we are available to consult with you at our office and provide you with preliminary analysis of your circumstances to ensure that you make the right decisions from the beginning and through completion of your case.

Top Orange County Divorce Attorney

Believe it or not, the term “divorce” is actually out-dated.  The current legal reference to the process involved to end a marriage is referred to as a “dissolution of marriage”.  California is a no fault divorce state – this means that, typically, the reason for the dissolution will likely not be a central issue.  The most common basis for a dissolution in California is “irreconcilable differences”.

The “no-fault” nature of California dissolution law does not mean that a case should be handled without any attention to the parties’ factual background.  In fact, our experience has proven that understanding a client’s family dynamics and history are important in effectively representing a client through the dissolution process.  A good family law attorney will navigate a client through the family law process; and, thus, needs to learn about the family dynamic, the needs of the parties’ children, the financial structure of the family and the client’s goals for the future.  At Bayati Law Group, we invest the time required to know our clients, their families, their goals and their plans moving forward.  This allows us the ability to successfully navigate our clients from where they are to where they want to be.

Top Orange County Child Custody Attorneys

How do the courts determine which parent gets custody of the children?  What schools will my children attend after divorce?  How much child support will I pay?  What if my spouse wants to move out of state with the children?  Can my children testify in court about which parent they want to live with?  How does domestic violence affect custody?  Can I contact my children if my spouse has a restraining order?  How does the court determine a child’s best interest?

If your case involves custody of children, you may have given thought to some of the questions listed above.  Child custody is a complex area of family law that requires experienced legal counsel.  At Bayati Law Group, we have extensive litigation experience with child custody and visitation.  Whether your case is amicable or if your case involves complicated custody issues, we will provide you with the expertise you need to ensure your children’s best interest in conjunction with ensuring your time with your children.